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Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) - For information, contact
413 448-2382

Appalachian Trail - The trail runs through October Mountain in Lee. Learn more about the trail at Appalachian Trail and at Appalachian Mountain Club. Also read about local efforts to preserve this valued resource.
The Big E - A multi-state fair held in late summer in Springfield.
Cemeteries - There are two cemeteries in Lee and one in South Lee.. The Town Cemetery (243-5520), located on Greylock Street at Maple Street and St. Mary's Cemetery (243-4230), located on Spring Street. In South Lee the Town Cemetery is located on Meadow Street, south of Route 102.
Country Curtains - The Annual Sale opened on May 20th in 2011 and continues until stock is depleted. It will be held at The Rink on Rte 20 (Housatonic Street) in Lee. Hours: Mon-Sat 9am-6pm; Sun Noon-5pm
Daniel Chester French - In 1899, the Town of Lee dedicated a public drinking fountain in memory of Amelia Jeannette Kilbon, a vibrant member of the Loyal Temperance Legion (part of the Christian Woman's Temperance Union). Daniel Chester French was commissioned by the Loyal Temperance Union to design the fountain which was to have two sides - a horse fountain and a drinking fountain. French used two images for the fountain from which the water flowed: an image of a Mohegan Indian, Chief Konkapot, and a fish. Chief Konkapot was Chief of the Stockbridge Mohican Indian tribe which, in 1722, sold what is much of Berkshire county to colonial settlers including the land which now makes up the town of Lee. Kilbon was instrumental in raising funds for the fountain; after her death, others continued raising funds and the fountain became a memorial to Kilbon and her work with the Loyal Temperance Legion.

The back of the fountain carries an inscription which tells the story of the dedicatee of the fountain, Amelia Jeannette Kilbon:

This Fountain Was Begun By
The Loyal Temperance Union
Under The Leadership Of
Amelia Jeannette Kilbon
And Was Completed By Other Friends
As A Tribute To Her Memory
1870 1897

Originally installed at the intersection of Railroad and Main Streets in Lee, it was moved to its present location on the Town Park Village Green after cars replaced horses as the primary mode of transportation. The fountain is made of Lee marble, quarried in Lee.

Chief Konkaput dispenses only half of the water that he was designed to offer. Yet the fountain remains a strong testament to the hard work of local citizens who not only fought drunkenness and the violence and crime that often followed it, but who also came together to give their town something as practical and necessary as a drinking fountain.

The Public Drinking Fountain ("Chief Konkapot") is located on the Town Park Village Green, adjacent to the Lee Town Hall.               See the front of the fountain.               See the back of the fountain.

Excise Tax - these taxes levied on cars, boats and other items are billed by and collected by the Town Collector, located at 32 Main Street.
GOODWILL - Looking for the closest Goodwill collection point. Try the parking lot of the Lee Citgo station on Housatonic Street.
Law Enforcement - The town of Lee has its own police department, headquartered in the town office building at 32 Main Street; the non-emergency telephone number is 413-243-5530. There is also a Massachusetts State Police barracks located in Lee on Laurel Street (route 20); telephone 413-243-0600. The Berkshire County Sheriff (467 Cheshire Rd., Pittsfield, Massachusetts 01201; 413-447-7117) also serves Lee.
Lee Land Trust - The Trust is a non-profit, tax-deductible organization and is independent of any town board or commission. The Trust now owns 100 acres of land in East Lee and takes the responsibility of the land stewardship seriously. The Trust offers nature walks for enjoying Lee’s natural beauty, talks and video presentations on subjects of local historical and environmental interest. Contact: The Lee Land Trust, Box 702, Lee, MA 01238.
Lee Lime - In 1997, Medusa Corp., mainly a cement and aggregates company, purchased Lee Lime Corp. It is now Oldcastle Stone Products (telephone: 413-243-0053). Lee Lime is a small producer of dolomitic quicklime and dolomitic hydrate which come from limestone.
Mass Moments - a daily almanac of Massachusetts history. This great site was launched by the Massachusettes Institute of Humanities, on January 1st of this year. Throughout the year, radio listeners and Internet users will find a different story every day about events and people in the recorded history of Massachusetts. Visitors to this website can learn more about the history of the state, see images and illustrations, read a primary source document, and get suggestions of links to follow and places to visit. Additionally, they can view a timeline to see when a given moment occurred, and where applicable, a map to see where it happened.
Newspapers - The newspaper most read in Lee is the Berkshire Eagle.
Notary Public - While there may be other notaries in town, there is definitely one or more at Lee Bank, 75 Park Street, (800)-843-4100.
Obituaries - It may be morbid (by definition), but we have had people looking for an obituary from time to time. We've found the best source to be
Paper Mills, Paper Making - If you are interested in the history of the paper mills in and around Lee, you will certainly be interested in this page from the site.
Parking - Parking is free and plentiful in Lee. There is a public parking lot off Railroad Street, near the post office.
Playgrounds - There are a number of children's playgrounds in Lee. One playground is behind the elementary school on Greylock Street. Another playground is in South Lee on route 102 at Church Street. A playground is located at the athletic field on Housatonic Street across from the Friendly's. Another is on Marble Street.
Post Office - The U.S. Post Office in Lee (zip 01238) is located on Frank Consolati Way, just off Main Street. In South Lee (zip 01260) it is on Route 102 at the corner of Church Street. Check out our stamps. Great!
Senior Center - The Lee Senior Center is located on Railroad Street. The Lee Council on Aging is located there as well. Office hours are Monday - Thursday, 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM. The coordinator is Norma Maroney. Phone 243-5545.
Tennis Courts - There are one or more public tennis courts at the Athletic Field on Housatonic Street, across from the Friendly's, and at the High School on Greylock Street.
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