See All The People,
In Lee, Massachusetts
A Mill Town
Under a Steeple

By Florence Consolati

Below is an excerpt (with permission) from See All The People, written by Florence Consolati. Truly, a well-written book of the second hundred years of Lee, Massachusetts. If interested in reading more or purchasing the book, contact: Florence Consolati, Circular Avenue, Lee, MA 01238 or (413) 243-3441.

A Berkshire Calendar

Soon the predominant colors turned to gold - shimmering sunlight, golden leaves, hazy fields. Pumpkins at the door showed the toothmarks of small rodents. The mint plants offered a few still-green leaves; parsley stood verdant; the marigold caught the sunlight. One could ride through a golden shower under the maples on Tyringham Road, where the settlers first made syrup. But sometimes, after a drive around the hills, a homeowner returned to find that the red maple in the front yard looked best of all.

In the morning, the gaze lit on Monument Mountain to the southwest, where the rising sun caught the quartzite cliffs. Later in the day, the hill lay blank. It stayed ashen, a colorless dip between sloping Beartown and slithering Rattlesnake. Then, the light on the cliffs went out. The craggy-lined face of the outline was lost. The Indian slept.

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