This ever-so-simple concept was created by a wanna-be college student in England. He created the MillionDollarHomePage and has achieved worldwide recognition and reached his goal of selling one million dollars worth of pixels (those very tiny dots on your computer screen which make up pictures and text). is proudly listed there.

We at were so intrigued with the idea we immediately became an advertiser on the MillionDollarHomePage and decided the website needed a similar avenue for local advertisers. So, we have created our own pixel page on

We've made things a bit easier and better (we think).

Our pixel areas ("blocks") are a minimum of ten thousand pixels (100 x 100). This is a much more realistic and usable area.

Our pixels cost only one-half cent ($0.005) each. Your ten thousand pixel (100 x 100) area costs only $50.

If you do not have or cannot create your own image, we will create one for you.

Your pixel area may be used for anything you would like that meets our rules, not just advertisements. For example, you could put up a message or image for the rest of the internet or a dear one or a friend or .....

Become a part of Internet History..... buy your block(s) now.

(Terms and Conditions)
  • At our sole discretion, we do not accept images or websites that display or promote obscene/mature, offensive, hateful, or illegal subject matter to be determined at our discretion. If at a later time the content of the accepted site that the "link" is linked to changes to display or promote obscene/mature, offensive, hateful, or illegal subject matter, your image and link will be taken down until the infraction is corrected. If the infraction is not corrected within thirty [30] days, you forfeit your block(s), which will become publicly available for purchase by others, and you will not receive a refund. We are not responsible during this "downtime" for any diminished or lost web traffic and/or earnings.
  • The site and pixel page will be online as long as the website exists. At this time we expect to maintain the site indefinitely. The URL ( has been registered by us for ten (10) years. Our site is normally available 24x7, but we cannot be responsible for any "downtime" or the impact of such "downtime" on you or your business.
  • Submitted links must point to legitimate web pages only (i.e., no FTP, mail-to, etc.).
  • If your image and link are accepted and published on the pixel page, you will not be eligible for a refund.
  • When you "buy" a block or block(s), you are not buying any part of the pixel page or this website. Instead, you are only being granted, upon our acceptance of your submission and the subsequent receipt of purchase funds, the right to display your image-based web link on our pixel page in the respective location you selected and that we approved of for the life of our website.
  • All order submissions are subject to our approval. We have the right to refuse service.
  • You must have the legal authority to promote the website you are submitting as well as the legal authority to use the image and link your are submitting.
  • Submitted images must be the exact size (in pixels) and shape of the block(s) being purchased in your current order.
  • Submitted images must be in a non-animated GIF or JPEG format.
  • Submitted links must begin with "http://" or "https://"
  • Once your accepted image and link are on the pixel page, you will only be able to change the image or link by paying a $10 administrative fee for changes to said image and/or link with a limit of one change per seven [7] day period.
  • If for any reason of your choosing you wish for your image and link to be removed from the pixel page, your request will be granted but you will not receive a refund and all block(s) associated with said image and link will become publicly available for purchase by others.
  • As with any website, we will have occasional downtime for maintenance. We are also not responsible for outages due to natural disasters or due to things outside of our control.
  • Your purchase funds must be fully received and cleared before your block(s) appear on our pixel page.
  • Our PayPal account is in the name of our main site The e-mail address for the PayPal account is
  • Once your purchase funds have cleared you will be sent an e-mail notification of the fund clearance and your image and link will then be live within 48 hours of said e-mail.